Wednesday, 1 April 2009


7:45 AM -take James to station
8:00 AM - go to work
4:00 PM - finish work
4:10 PM - buy groceries
5:00 PM - cook supper
7:00 PM - take Molly to Guides
7:10 PM - take Emily to station
7:15 PM - turn around and go back for Emily's phone charger
7:20 PM -take Emily to station again
8:00 PM - pick James up from station.
8:30 PM - collapse in front of TV.


Helen said...

I love her red coat!

mary said...

Emily looks very pretty.

So where was Lizzy? Some place secure where she didn't need transport?

Mindy said...

Doing homework! Would you believe? Emily does look pretty but that coat makes me think of Gramma Schlegel every time I see it. It's a Pendleton! Vintage, of course.

geeta said...

I love her coat too!

Stacey said...

I love the name Shlegel! And the red coat!